A little bit about me and my journey with cameras...

Since studying and graduating from MetFilm School in Ealing Studios, I have been working on all kinds of productions and creative projects.  This art has allowed me to travel and adapt to the challenges of travelling with camera gear, improve my organisation and has taught me the importance of efficiency on set.

The equipment I use is minimal and compact for convenience and efficiency. I have invested in mirrorless full-frame camera systems and operate compact cinema cameras for short films. I rely on a Sony FX3 setup for documentary and commercial based work, and will work with a Sony FX6 on short films. For photography I also stick to Sony cameras, where I use a Sony A7R IV.

I provide kit to all shoots and arrange production and directing on set. As an independent creative, this means I'm somewhat of a 'one-man-band' on most productions, however I also work with a team of great creatives, who are always close by.